Industrial designers are going the entire distance as it were to make our lives simpler – and concepts which are useful, practical and smart are being lapped up by corporations instantly, to give it their won name and branding

A new concept created by Pascal Tarabay, now shows how you can use a wall clock as a coat hanger too! Such hybrid ideas are nothing new – yet its always the usability that counts.

Tarabay’s design stands out for its simplicity too – there’s nothing flashy about the clock. A minimalistic design with a single colour tone and a hook below. This very simple design has been achieved by using a metal which has then been cut using a laser into the desired shape that we get to see in the clock.

Available in some striking colours, from fiery red, gold, black and white, the clock-cum-hanger has been named “En suspend”, and you can purchase it for about 62 euro. Useful, fun and simple, the three prime movers for any successful design, no wonder then that a popular clocks, furniture and accessories brand like Diamantini and Domeniconi, have hailed Tarabay’s creation as a unique piece!