This might look like a real out-of-the-box idea and one that fits into the uber set up of modern living rooms, but the feasibility of having such a product isn’t much. Remember we told you about the sofa boat, now that was quite a fun combination of substance and style, and we aren’t sure if the levitating sofa fits that bill too. Judge for yourself though –

The levitating sofa, to begin with doesn’t levitate! So if you’re looking for some ‘uplifting’ experience you’ll be gravely disappointed, though it smartly gives you that impression! How? — well the sofa has a book storage area right where you would hang your feet, thus making it appear that you’re sitting at a higher ground.

The sitting area, with the comfortable cushions and handles, should be ideal for book lovers, who wish to enjoy it as their ‘corner’ for book reading. Yet, the idea of book storage so close to the ground might pose a challenge — imagine bending so low to pick up books! Also, this isn’t exactly the way books are kept in eastern cultures, where books are considered sacred and therefore meant to be kept away from one’s feet.

So the Ransa, yes that’s what this sofa is called, designed by Younes Duret doesnt get our full marks!