In a world where living space is shrinking, smart interior ideas are a much-needed respite. The Brooklyn-based Brave Space Design, known to give consumers a design edge stretches that comfort zone a bit further through its new invention—Tetris-shaped storage shelves.

Inspired by the Russian video game Tetris, this bamboo shelf is ingenious, practical, and stylish. Resembling a maze of geometrical video game patterns, it is perfect for displaying books, mementos, and knick-knacks. This modular lightweight unit can be assembled by hooking the blocks together, and the unit can be affixed either to a wall or stand itself impressively in the living room. Or better still, it can serve as an office shelf on which you can stack office necessities and display tokens of achievements!

The shelf that has a depth of nine inches owes its natural warm look to the combination of Amber and Blonde bamboo gone into chassis. Add to it, an organic herbal oil finish and you have a green design.

This interesting shelving set is available in two sizes – a set of five including one each type of geometric shapes and a set of 10 having two pieces of each shape. You can opt for the size that best fits your living or office space for $1730.